Materials Scientist Association Welcomes Newly Elected Leadership for 2024

Friday, February 2, 2024

The Materials Scientist Association (formerly known as the Materials Student Association) welcomes their newly elected leadership for 2024!

President: Melina Endsley
Secretary: Ashley Wissel-Garcia
Treasurer: Kaitlyn Mullin
GSA Representative: Nico Fuchs-Lynch
First Year Representative: Rachel Kahler
Social Committee Chair: Arturo Juan
Professional Development Committee Chair: Alex Zele
Outreach Committee Chair: Hannah Howard

MSA has undergone a slight name change (“Scientist” now instead of “Student”) to encompass both students AND postdocs and staff. The organization’s mission has now expanded to being committed to fostering a welcoming, healthy, and diverse community for all groups within the department, by promoting social cohesion with quarterly events and providing professional development opportunities. To learn more about what the MSA does, check out their website:

Top row, left to right: Nico Fuchs-Lynch, Kaitlyn Mullin, Rachel Kahler
Middle row, left to right: Ashley Wissel-Garcia, Alexandra Zele
Bottom row, left to right: Arturo Juan, Melina Endsley, Hannah Howard

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Department Life