BS/MS 5-Year Program

How to apply (under revision)

Departmental Application Information:

Application Materials:

Submit complete application to AJ Johnson by the last working day of July.

Fifth year in Materials

The combined B.S./M.S. in Materials program at UC Santa Barbara seeks to prepare undergraduate students at UCSB more deeply and broadly than the Bachelor's program alone. The program allows outstanding students to concurrently pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering (College of Engineering majors) or Chemistry (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) and a Master of Science degree in Materials, and to complete graduation requirements for both degrees within 5 years. 

Is this program for you?

This program is designed for students who wish to enhance their undergraduate education in one of the classical engineering disciplines by adding a strong knowledge base in the understanding of materials behavior, of their synthesis and processing, and of their applications in modern technology. The graduates of this program retain the breadth and flexibility inherent in the mainstream engineering disciplines while their specialized knowledge of engineering materials will give them a competitive edge in the high technology industry. The program capitalizes on the emergence of UCSB as an internationally renowned institution in materials research and education. The students involved will interact with faculty working at the cutting edge of technology in a broad range of modern materials, benefiting from their advice and expertise in areas critical to future industrial development.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 at the end of their third year, with a 3.5 minimum GPA in Engineering or DCB courses. Grades in Physics, Chemistry, and Math are important, as are grades in core courses within the major.
  2. Receive a B minimum in each of the undergraduate Materials core courses (MATRL 100A, MATRL 100B, and MATRL 100C).


Second Year

  • Spring quarter: Attend BS/MS information session
  • Notification to Undergraduate Department Program Advisor of student’s interest in BS/MS program
  • Meetings with the Materials Department Graduate Program Coordinator and appropriate BS/MS advisor 

Third Year

  • Fall: MATRL 100A; Winter: MATRL 100B; Spring: MATRL 100C​
  • Winter: Due to Covid the GRE will not be required for Fall 2021 admission
  • Spring: Submission of complete application by last working day of July to the Materials Graduate Program Coordinator for admission to the BS/MS Program. 
  • Summer: Departmental admission decision by late August

Fourth Year

  • 6 units of approved undergraduate electives with Materials content, to be counted toward the BS degree (Table II in BS/MS Brochure)
  • ​One Graduate course each quarter 
  • By the end of Fall quarter, submit approved MS study plan to Materials Graduate Program Coordinator for review, demonstrating completion of the Masters in the fifth year.
  • A final MS study plan must be submitted early Spring quarter for advancement to gradaute status.
  • Submit approved final MS study plan to the College of Engineering by May 1
  • You will receive and email from the UCSB Graduate Division with instructions for submitting the Graduate Division electronic application. Application is due by May 15.

Master’s/Fifth Year

  • Remaining Undergraduate Courses, if any
  • Remaining Graduate Electives
  • ​Up to 6 units of additional undergraduate courses not applied already toward the BS degree could be taken as preparation or complement to graduate courses in the MS program.
  • Research Group Studies, Matrl 290 (3 units, one unit per quarter)
  • Directed Reading and Research, Matrl 596 (3-6 units)
  • Deliver Engineering Report based on Directed Reading and Research (Matrl 596) by the end of Spring quarter.


Students in this program must satisfy the Plan 2 requirements for the MS degree in Materials