Ice Cream Social

Appreciation. Conversation. Relaxation.

Our students work diligently to push the boundaries of the known and explore the possibilites of the potential. On any given day, they are found writing code, conducting experiments, examining samples under the microscope. They bring new hypotheses, new challenges, new results, new publications to their advisors - our faculty - everyday. Quite simply, our students make our exceptional faculty even better.

That's why every year, in the spring, the faculty volunteer their time to do something for the students in return. With the sun beaming from the sky, a distinct Santa Barbara blue, the faculty pause from writing papers, teaching classes, seeking funding opportunities and the students pour from clean rooms, microscopy laboratories, and computer consoles to come together for the sake of ice cream. Ice cream served to the students by the faculty. 

Every spring, our faculty say, Thank you! to our students in a fun, tangible, delightful way. Our Department is built upon the strength of our students, and we are truly very, very grateful to them. 



2019 Ice Cream Social
2018 Ice Cream Social
2017 Ice Cream Social
2016 Ice Cream Social