Congratulations to our Winter 2016 Materials Ph.D. Graduates

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Materials Department at UCSB would like to congratulate our Winter 2016 Ph.D. graduates and welcome them into the Materials Alumni family. We caught up with each of these graduates to learn about the exciting steps they will be taking as they embark on their careers. 

Lars BjaalieUnderstanding and Engineering Two-Dimensional Electron Gases in Complex Oxides, advised by Prof. Chris Van de Walle
Lars is continuing his studies as a postdoctoral researcher in Professor Chris Van de Walle's group while looking for a permanent position. He is interested in continuing work on simulating defects in semiconductors, and related topics. Ultimately, Lars would like to obtain a scientific position in his native country of Norway.


Matthew Gebbie, Tuning Electrostatic Interactions in Confined Soft Matter, advised by Prof. Jacob Israelachvili
Matt will be collaborating with Professors Nick Melosh and ZX Shen at Stanford University as one of two 2016-2018 GLAM Postdoctoral Fellows. During his postdoctoral studies, Matt aims to develop optically-active diamond nanomaterials that will enable the molecular-scale observation of electric fields and electromagnetic fluctuations in active soft matter and living systems. Matt subsequently plans to pursue a faculty appointment at a research university.


Erin KyleGrowth Development of III-Nitrides for Electronic Devices by Molecular Beam Epitaxy, advised by Prof. James Speck
Erin is heading to Cupertino to work for Apple. She will focus on advanced display technologies. 



Bob Lansdorp, Pushing the Envelope of Magnetic Tweezer Resolution, advised by Prof. Omar Saleh
While in the fourth year of his Ph.D., Bob co-founded Milo, a company that makes wearable biosensors. Milo's inaugural product in the pipeline is SNAPSHOT: the first wearable alcohol sensor that pairs with your smartphone. SNAPSHOT will help people make educated decisions about whether or not to have another alcoholic beverage. Please read more about Milo at


John LeonardIII-Nitride Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Growth, Fabrication, and Design of Dual Dielectric DBR Nonpolar VCSELs, advised by Prof. Shuji Nakamura
After graduating, John began working as a Display Engineer for Apple in Cupertino, CA. John enjoys solving complex technological problems that improve the quality of life for humanity. His primary technical field of interest is display & sensor technology. John's additional interests include technology management, robotics, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, interplanetary space travel, and finance.


Peter MageReal-time Measurement, Analysis, and Control in Microfluidic Systems for Personalized Medicine and Designer Materials, advised by Prof. Tom Soh
Peter is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, continuing to work with Prof.Tom Soh. Peter is working on implantable biosensors that can track a patient's health at the molecular level and enable real-time noninvasive treatments. 


Peter WellsThe Character, Stability and Consequences of Mn-Ni-Si Precipitates in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels, advised by Prof. Robert Odette
Peter was recently appointed as an assistant researcher in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UCSB. He's looking forward to continue with his research for the forseeable future. 

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