Pierre Petroff

 Pierre Petroff

Professor Emeritus, Materials


University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5050


ISCS Quantum Devices Award
Fellow of the Institute of Physics
Lady Davies Senior Research Fellowship Award
Humboldt Research Award
Follow of the American Physical Society

Research Description: 

Research interests lie in electronics and photonics: semiconductor crystal growth; epitaxy and spectroscopy of self-assembling quantum nanostructures such as quantum wires, serpentine superlattices, and quantum dots in compound semiconductors; coupling of quantum dots to photonic crystals and microcavities; and conducting polymers and polymer devices. Characterization of these low dimensional structures is done through optical and capacitance spectroscopy techniques. A major goal is to manipulate and control optical properties of quantum dot emitters by coupling them to photonic crystals or microcavities.