Materials Department Guidelines during Closure

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Administrative Staff will begin working remotely effective 3/17/2020. It is anticipated that this will last for at least a few weeks. During this time please follow the guidance below:

1.   Getting Help: Please route your requests to the staff as normal, but to ensure that all requests are addressed please cc Dawn ( and/or Mary ( on your requests so we can ensure that workflow continues in the event of staffing shortfalls. The staff will be meeting regularly, via zoom, to address pending work and questions.

2.   Where to find information: We are in the process of updating our webpage ( to share all campus guidance as we receive it. If you have specific questions please reach out to Dawn or Mary for guidance (

3.   Reimbursements: Campus guidance is evolving on this. Scanned copies of receipts for reimbursement will be accepted. Please send receipts electronically for reimbursement at this time. Save all original receipts even if you submitted scanned receipts. It is anticipated that originals will have to be submitted when normal operations resume.

4.   Signatures: Campus guidance is also evolving on the use of electronic signatures. DocuSign will be accepted for reimbursements and other BFS documents. We have begun the process to establish DocuSign senders and will keep you updated on this. All UCSB staff have DocuSign signing privileges using their UCSB NetID credentials.

5. Main Office: The Main Office will be CLOSED during the remote work period. We know this is a concern for packages that are en route or orders that will need to be placed during the remote work period. As of today (Tuesday, March 17), Central Receiving on campus is open and can receive packages. We have signage on the main office door directing delivery drivers to take all packages there for delivery. Once delivered, packages can be picked up by the recipient at the Central Receiving location. It is advised to call in advance to make sure that the package has, in fact, been delivered. Contact information is: Ignacio Astorga 805-893-2878/805-680-8710

If you have critical packages for lab shutdown or teaching duties, please reach out to Jennifer Nguyen ( and we will help.
(Please note that if there are essential purchases and they are hazardous materials which, require a signature to be released, that the recipient be available to both track delivery and pick up the package at Central Receiving. Central Receiving cannot accept hazardous materials of this nature without a signature from the ordering party. If you cannot be reached, or are unable to accept delivery of the package, the items will be sent back.)

The Materials Department remains committed to providing the best assistance possible during this period. We are working hard to make sure all department personnel remain healthy during this challenging time. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to Dawn or Mary and we will work to address them.


UC Santa Barbara continues to monitor the global COVID-19 outbreak, and has provided guidance and ongoing updates.

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